Can Court-Ordered Anger Management Transform Your Life?

Anger is a powerful emotion that can wreak havoc on one’s personal and professional life if not managed properly. In situations where anger leads to legal issues, a court may mandate anger management classes. These programs aim not only to temper the immediate expression of anger but also to address underlying issues, fostering long-term emotional resilience and behavioural change. This […]

Why You Aren’t Motivated to Read the Bible?

For a Christian, going to church on a regular basis is not enough. The Scriptures, on the other hand,  says that the world will get even worse that it already is. So, as a Christian, your duty is to “submit to  God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Precisely, submitting to God means that you are willing […]

How to Get More Energy When Tired

Sometimes you’re just tired of being tired. The days drag on, and especially during the darker times of the year, it’s hard to find energy for anything other than working, eating and sleeping. But there are some pretty simple things anyone can do to have more energy and joy in life, and here are some tips you can use. Interested […]

The 7 Ecumenical Councils of the Early Church, And How They Shaped Modern Christianity – Part 4: The Council of Chalcedon

The Council of Chalcedon was called in 451 CE by the Roman Emperor Marcian (r. 450-457) to settle debates regarding the nature (hypostases, “reality”) of Christ that had begun at two earlier meetings in Ephesus (431 CE and 439 CE). The question was whether Christ was human or divine, a man who became God (through the resurrection and ascension) or […]

Cremation Of The Body: How Does It Work?

Cremation is a funerary technique consisting of burning a dead human body to reduce it to ashes. This practice is acclaimed nowadays by many families for the organization of the funeral of a deceased. How’s it going? How long does cremation take, and how much does it cost? This article tells you more! What is the cremation of the body? Cremation is […]

Funerarium And Crematorium: What Are The Differences?

After a death, the deceased’s family can opt for cremation by welcoming the body in a crematorium or burial by resting the body in a funeral home. Of course, it all depends on the type of funeral chosen. The different places associated with these types of the ceremony all make it possible to accommodate the body of the deceased. So […]

The 7 Ecumenical Councils of the Early Church, And How They Shaped Modern Christianity – Part 3: The Council of Ephesus

Following on from our previous articles on the seven ecumenical councils, the latest of which you can read here, we now turn our attention to the Third Ecumenical Council, otherwise known as The Council of Ephesus. It was held over several sessions in 431 at the Church of Mary in Ephesus, Asia Minor (modern Turkey). The council was called after […]

7 Steps To The Repatriation Of A Body

Death is a path that everyone will have to go through. Of course, everyone has their own conception of what death represents. For some, it is the beginning of a new life; for others, it is the end of the joy of living, but also the end of the daily suffering of life on earth. Having a loved one die […]

The 7 Ecumenical Councils of the Early Church, And How They Shaped Modern Christianity – Part 2: The First Council of Constantinople

We’ve recently begun a new series of articles on the seven ecumenical councils of the early church. These councils commenced with the First Council of Nicaea in 325 and concluded with the Second Council of Nicaea in 787. Between these two events were five more, each of which attempted to understand and establish a unified Christian theology. In this series, […]