How to Get More Energy When Tired

Sometimes you’re just tired of being tired. The days drag on, and especially during the darker times of the year, it’s hard to find energy for anything other than working, eating and sleeping. But there are some pretty simple things anyone can do to have more energy and joy in life, and here are some tips you can use. Interested […]

Covid-19-Related Deaths: Key Points To Remember

The coronavirus has changed everyone’s life. Although we have learned to live with the virus, the situation is not yet under control. In the early days of the pandemic, there were very strict restrictions for those who succumbed to the disease. Now, some of these restrictions have been lifted. Find out in this article all there is to know about […]

Does Meditation in Bed Work?

In complicated times like these, meditation – of any kind – is very necessary. Now more than ever, we need to learn how to meditate, and if it’s from your bed, what better way! One of these methods, which is still met with much skepticism, is meditation in bed. Imagine what all those who think that meditation is “nothing but […]

5 Steps to Practice More Gratitude in Your Life

The alarm clock rings and the first thought that comes to mind is “if I didn’t work, I could sleep whenever I want” or “oh no, and here the daily routine goes again” or the simple “I just don’t want to get out of bed”. These days, we seem to be programmed to complain, protest against what we apparently don’t […]

Understanding the Differences Between Sunni and Shi’a in Islam

Understanding the differences between the two most populous branches of Islam is essential for comprehending many of the geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East as well as community tensions in diasporic communities in the West. This article seeks to put a few of the key issues in context. The vicious and devastating cycle of violence in Iraq between Sunni and […]

The Most Dangerous Cults of All Time – Part 2

Cultist groups have permeated society ever since people could chat and share ideas en masse, although modern cult experts today often clash about what, exactly, makes a group of people a cult. What’s a loony or eccentric organization to one expert is often seen by others as a religion or sect, which are terms loaded with less cultural stigma. Whatever […]


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