Unholy Sexual Cords.

This Biblical verse is one that many of us are familiar with, and it is often read in churches for weddings or whenever there is a need to preach about the holy union of wife and husband. In this article, we will talk about sexual cords. “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to […]

Zen Habits That Will Literally Transform Your Life! (Part 1)

Today we bring you the top Zen habits that will literally transform your life. Have you ever marveled at those people who may be in utter tranquility but amid total chaos? Those people who are… irrevocably at peace? Whose inner peace is radiating far beyond the events of your external environment? Sure, you have met some. Did you know that […]

4 Choices for Leading a Meaningful Life

Life is a beautiful journey and many of us are blessed with the freedom and the resources to live life how we see fit, carve our own road and mold our lives into a tale of rich and rewarding experiences. To be truly happy and live our lives to the fullest, though, we have to make the right choices, adopt […]

Debauchery: Drug Addiction And Alcoholism. What Does The Bible Say?

In the last article about debauchery, we went through ‘pre-marital sex’. Now we will talk about drug and alcohol abuse. Drugs and alcohol are at the center of many Hollywood movies. People consuming the media are more and more exposed to this glamourized culture of drug-taking and alcoholism. Off and onscreen people are tempted to indulge in this new fancy […]

5 Spiritual Exercises to Do With Kids

If you are spiritually oriented, perhaps you may wish to impart this to your child. However, it can still be pretty hard because what does that have to do with his experience and how to make sure your child finds it fun and lighthearted? To help you out, we’ve listed 5 simple activities to introduce your child to spirituality, and […]