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5 Spiritual Exercises to Do With Kids

5 Spiritual Exercises to Do With Kids

If you are spiritually oriented, perhaps you may wish to impart this to your child. However, it can still be pretty hard because what does that have to do with his experience and how to make sure your child finds it fun and lighthearted? To help you out, we’ve listed 5 simple activities to introduce your child to spirituality, and it’s fun, too!

1) Meditation

Meditation may help your child relax and keep their energy up, making it a great exercise! You can introduce it by doing it yourself in his presence. Is your child showing interest? Invite them to join in enthusiastically but without obligation. Just explain what you are doing and possibly why.

For instance, teach your child that he can sit as he wishes and that his eyes can be closed. Ask your child if he can feel how he breathes. Where is that breath going? From the nose? To the chest? Try to follow it as you breathe slowly. It may also work well if you tell your child a story. This will connect you both to the world of experience, imagination and help you to focus.

2) Experience Nature

If your child is more comfortable with activities, you can explore nature. Go together, for example, to the beach or the forest, and use your senses. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel? What do you hear? What flowers, plants, and trees can your child identify? Any berries or leaves that you know you can eat? Try it! And which ones don’t yet?

Also, share how you feel about nature, say what it does for you, and express your love for it. Dare to walk the paths that have not been walked. Maybe you can find a short route, for example through the forest to the river. Where will you find yourself? What lives, flies, and crawls there?

3) Be Creative

There is a close connection between spirituality and creativity, so get your paint cans, brushes, and pens from the cupboard and get messy together! Aside from the fun, there are many benefits.

It enhances your sense of belonging and clears your mind. Plus, the freedom of interpretation assures that your child learns to listen to what pops into their head. Let them go with the flow. This will encourage them to think outside the box and give a boost to their confidence.

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4) Yoga Nidra

Meditation can still be a bit challenging. Yoga Nidra can be a great option to introduce meditation in a child-friendly way. All the child has to do is lie down and listen. This will help your child to relax and stimulate their body and self-awareness.

5) Reiki

Reiki is a marvelous way for your child to discover the relationship between his body, mind, and energy. You can apply Reiki to your child as a parent and describe precisely what you are doing and why.

Let him know that he can do it himself. In doing so, he will become aware of his “magic” powers and your ability to use energy consciously. In addition, you will also build a deeper bond with each other. How wonderful and comforting would it be if we could help each other with Reiki?

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As you can see, there are many ways to introduce spirituality to your child in a familiar way. Is your child not interested in it? If you keep doing spiritual things for yourself, your child may eventually follow you. Your children are unique in that they can decide what they are interested in and what they are not. All you can do is be an inspiration for your child.

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