Christian Faith: God Is Our Provider (Part 2)

Christian Faith: God Is Our Provider (Part 2)

In Christianity, we believe that God is our creator and our protector. But, do you know that God does more than bringing you into this world and protecting you?

1. Strength

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Psalm 46:1 tells us how God is our refuge and strength.

First, you’ve got physical strength and no matter how someone might define it, it refers to your ability to complete certain physical tasks using your strength. And, when we talk about strength, we cannot tell the story of Samson.

Found in the Ancient Testament, Samson is a legendary Israelite warrior who was well-known for his prodigious strength. He was so powerful and strong that he slew a lion with his bare hands and killed an entire army with the help of the jawbone of a donkey. Can you imagine that? Well, this kind of immense and nearly impossible strength cannot come from a simple human being but rather from the almighty God.

Now, it is not necessary that you would have the same strength as Samson, that is, the strength to kill lions and armies with bare hands (not that it would be impossible for God), but rather God gives you the strength for your everyday life. So even when your age keeps shouting to you that you are too old or your muscles say you are too tired, God gives you an unimaginable strength that no one else can give.

But, what about that strength you get when you are faced with persecution and problems.

Everyone keeps mentioning the magnificent transformation of the Christians-persecuting Saul to the God-loving Paul. A man who was filled with hatred for Christians became the one apostle ready to die in Jesus’ name, only God can do such a miracle. But, remember that even then Paul did not have a comfortable and easy journey. He went through several trials, where he was flogged many times, persecuted and thrown in prison. But, despite these challenging circumstances, Paul, not once abandoned the ministry of God.

Do you think alone he could have such strength to resist all these hardships?

In Ephesians 3:16, we are told that God will strengthen us with power through His Spirit in our inner being. From this bible verse, you can thus derive that your source of mental strength is the holy spirit of God who lives within you.

2. Light

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To be honest with you, there have been times where I could feel my life was in shambles. It was pitch black and with every step I took, things got a little bit darker. There was nothing in front of me and there was no one to guide me forward. And, when darkness surrounds you completely, you cannot see any path forward. In that particular situation, you can only hope for a counselor to come up your way, hold up your hand and guide you in the right way. And, this is exactly what Jesus did.

By dying for our sins, Jesus did not only save us but also lit up our dark world. He came into the world in the form of our redeemer, savior, spiritual guide, mentor and friend.

3. Counselor

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In real life, a counselor is considered as someone who is trained and can help people to identify the root cause of their problems, guide them and help them to solve their issues. But, to what extent can a human counselor help another human?

Human intelligence and capacity are limited. Sometimes, some issues seem to go even beyond the usual human logic and understand. How can you consult a human counselor where they themselves cannot comprehend such perplexing issues in these particular situations?

However, there is someone that can help you and guide you like no one else can. And, that’s the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came on earth, took our sufferings and died for us on the cross. However, when He resurrected and went to the Father, so as we are not alone, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live by our side.

Even though we live in the 21st century, a highly advanced era, it doesn’t stop God from acting as our sole provider. Just like how He was with the prophets, similarly, He is with us, all the time. All you need to do is to make that first step towards Him. 

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