How to Get More Energy When Tired

How to Get More Energy When Tired

Sometimes you’re just tired of being tired. The days drag on, and especially during the darker times of the year, it’s hard to find energy for anything other than working, eating and sleeping.

But there are some pretty simple things anyone can do to have more energy and joy in life, and here are some tips you can use. Interested in learning more? Great! In today’s article, we are going to give you tips on how to get more energy! Enjoy the reading!

  • Change a few things in your diet. During the winter months, people fall into the trap of eating more sweets, fats and carbohydrates – perhaps as a comfort food. The problem is that you become even more tired. If, instead, you eat more vegetables like carrots, broccoli, lettuce, you will have a boost of energy after only a few days.
  • Take a nap if you can. Twenty minutes of sleep in the afternoon will make you more alert for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
  • Get some exercise. Go to the gym or just take a walk and you’ll notice how energetic and happy you become.
  • Look for and participate in activities that make you laugh. Being able to laugh makes you feel energetic and at the same time the stress disappears.
  • Drink more water. Always have a glass of water at work. Water keeps you from getting tired from dehydration.
  • Do effective breathing exercises. Take five minutes several times a day and take ten deep breaths, hold them for ten seconds and exhale slowly. It feels like all the negative thoughts and fatigue disappear from the system.
  • Make time for those you love. Working all the time burns up your energy.
  • Find your purpose. It may not go quickly, but if you do what you really want to do during the day, you hardly need anything else to have energy.
  • That hobby you gave up a long time ago – can you pick it up again? A hobby gives you energy when you do it, but that energy also spills over into everything else you do.
  • Challenge yourself. Being bored is synonymous with a lack of energy. Set big goals that you can achieve and map out the path to get there. This gives you energy.
  • Get outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s freezing cold outside. Fresh air revitalizes. It’s proven to do so.
  • Work with your fears. Being afraid takes a lot of energy. Being afraid of failure, being afraid of losing something, being afraid of looking stupid, being afraid of your own abilities – all of these take enormous energy. What are you afraid of? What would be the first step to get rid of this fear?
  • Make sure you get the sleep you need. This varies from person to person and you know best what makes you feel best.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. If alcohol were invented today, it would surely be banned as a drug. Enjoy a good wine, round off with a drink when you feel like it, but don’t let yourself go – it’s very destructive in every way.
  • Think about what gives you energy in your life. Make a list and see how you can bring those things into your life more often than and as quickly as possible.

With those tips, you should have more energy. Yet, we also know that sometimes, you have to get rid of some negative energy to get more of the good one. So below, we give you some additional tips.

Additional Tips to Get Rid of Bad Energy

  1. Light some incense

Yes, of course, it sounds really silly, but lighting scented incense with a simple daily ceremony will de-stress you. Make it a daily habit.

  1. Talk to yourself

Affirmations work, so let the critics say what they want. Talking to yourself in positive terms, encouraging yourself and reminding yourself of your qualities and strengths often becomes self-fulfilling. The brain is easily locked into thought patterns. If you get it used to positive thoughts instead of negative ones, the positive thoughts turn into positive energy. Keep talking to yourself. Repeat the things you like about yourself and what you want to do, and it will also be easier to make it happen.

  1. Meditate

You don’t need to “know” how to meditate to de-stress and disconnect from distracting thoughts. If you want to, there are many courses to take, but just sitting alone in a room, closing your eyes and focusing on the here and now for 5 minutes will have a positive effect on your well-being. The important thing is to make it a regular habit and to get your pulse to drop and your body to relax. It’s kind of what’s fashionable to call “Mindfulness” these days – but the important thing is to realize that it works very well to get peace and quiet in the mind for a moment each day. With our crazy social climate, this is an absolutely necessary contrast to our hectic daily existence.

  1. Sing

The same rule applies here as well – you don’t need to be able to sing to feel good. The important thing is that you sing. Studies have shown that singing is relaxing for the body and mind; it lowers your blood pressure, increases your lung capacity and gives you better posture at the same time.

  1. Take a walk in nature

A walk in the woods is an unbeatable way to relax and lower your heart rate. Listen to the sounds of the forest, try to adapt to the rhythm of nature. Sit on a rock and just listen. Enjoy the silence and breathe calmly and deeply.

  1. Spend a day by the sea

The sea and the sound of the waves have the same relaxing effect on stressed people as the forest. If you can, spend an afternoon walking along the sea. This works just as well with a stream, river or creek. The sound of water creates a meditative effect and lowers the heart rate and blood pressure.

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