Cremation Of The Body: How Does It Work?

Cremation is a funerary technique consisting of burning a dead human body to reduce it to ashes. This practice is acclaimed nowadays by many families for the organization of the funeral of a deceased. How’s it going? How long does cremation take, and how much does it cost? This article tells you more! What is the cremation of the body? Cremation is […]

How Much Should I Budget for My Funeral?

It’s not easy to talk about a fixed budget for funerals. Because of this, there are several factors involved in the process. Between the choice of the type of burial, the funeral service, and the shape of the casket, the expenses can become significant. However, there is a way to plan to stay within a specific range. Here’s how much […]

Everything You Need To Know About Cremation

Cremation, also called incineration, is a funeral process that consists of burning the body of a deceased person to reduce it to ashes. The operation is carried out in a crematorium. The body of the deceased is burned at a temperature of about 900°C for about 90 minutes. The history of cremation Cremation is a funeral rite that originated in […]