How Much Should I Budget for My Funeral?

How Much Should I Budget for My Funeral?

It’s not easy to talk about a fixed budget for funerals. Because of this, there are several factors involved in the process. Between the choice of the type of burial, the funeral service, and the shape of the casket, the expenses can become significant. However, there is a way to plan to stay within a specific range. Here’s how much to budget for the funeral.

How Much Does a Casket Cost?

It is the most important material of the funeral. Its price can affect the total cost of your funeral. Several materials are used to make caskets. You can choose between wooden or cardboard coffins. However, the price can be between 350 euros and 5000 euros. What influences this price is the type of finish. The exterior and interior presentation of the casket is essential to many. Therefore, they do not hesitate to invest significant money in honoring the deceased.

How Much Do Funeral Services Cost?

When you request the services of a funeral director, he offers several options. The operator can offer you a basic, classic, or premium service. Your budget will be determined by the option you choose.

As you can imagine, the basic service is the least expensive, with the bare minimum to ensure the funeral takes place. The premium service includes all your benefits with the essential and classic services. It provides vehicles with drivers to transport people from the site of worship to the burial. This service can cost more than 10,000 euros.

How Much Does the Burial Cost?

For the burial, there are several options available to you. You can choose cremation, burial, or respect the deceased’s wishes by donating the body.


Burial is the most common method of burial. There are several methods of burial. However, for a classic burial, your budget should be between 700 euros and 1000 euros.

This price can change depending on the options you have chosen. When you opt for a burial alone, it can be more expensive. It is in the case of burials in a family vault that the price seems affordable. However, regardless of your options, funeral services will do their best to provide your relative with the right burial.


When the family chooses cremation, it is essential to budget for it, which is slightly more than the cost of a burial. For a long time, cremation was less expensive than burial. Today, for cremation, you need to plan for more than 1500 euros.

After cremation, you must choose between scattering the ashes in nature or a columbarium. If you decide to scatter your ashes in nature, you must find forests or parts of beaches where it is allowed. On the other hand, scattering in a columbarium can cost up to 500 euros.

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Donating the Body

Some bodies may be donated to a scientific institution. The decision to donate the body is made by the deceased during his or her lifetime. For this donation to be effective, the beneficiary center must prove it in a written letter. It is also required that the donation card be presented before the donation is made.

The law stipulates that in the case of a body donation, the beneficiary center takes care of the expenses related to the burial or cremation. In fact, after the removal of the various body parts useful for their studies, the rest of the body is either cremated or buried. Several medical universities benefit from this type of donation.

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