All About the Profession of Thanatopractor

All About the Profession of Thanatopractor

Special care is given to the body of a deceased person, among which is thanatopraxy. If you have hired a funeral company, they will take care of contacting a qualified thanatopractor. However, if you wish to organize the funeral of your deceased loved one yourself, it is up to you to take care of it. But what exactly does a thanatopractor do? Find out more about this professional by following this article.

The Different Missions of the Thanatopractor

The thanatopractor takes care of the various conservation treatments of the body, starting with lifting the body and continuing with the mortuary toilet. He must also ensure that the jaws and eyelids of the deceased are correctly closed. To preserve the body until the day of burial, the thanatopractor injects formalin. This is an antiseptic product.

Afterwards, the deceased is dressed and shaved if necessary. The embalmer may also be required to apply make-up to the deceased.

The Different Reasons To Use a Thanatopractor

The services of a thanatopractor are often required following a death at home or in a home that is not equipped for this purpose. This professional also intervenes when the family members of the deceased wish to delay the day of burial.

In some instances, such as transporting the body over 600 km or only one or two days after death, the intervention of the thanatopractor is mandatory. The same applies to the repatriation of the body abroad.

Regulations Concerning the Intervention of the Embalmer

The embalmer cannot intervene without authorization from the town hall. This document must mention, among other things, the place and time of the treatment and the name and address of the practitioner. It should also mention the product used and the procedure.

Before carrying out the treatments, the embalmer must verify the last wishes of the deceased and the non-opposition of the doctor on the death certificate. He or she must also consider the minutes to ensure that it is not a violent death.

Only a person who has undergone specialized training should care for the deceased’s body. He or she must hold a national thanatopractor’s diploma or be a registered employee of a recognized company in the field.

The Different Places To Find a Thanatopractor

The thanatopractor can work for funeral homes, hospitals, medical schools, or mortuaries. Funeral homes contact the thanatopractor or advise family members on which thanatopractor to get.

The Ideal Profile for a Thanatopractor

The profession of thanatopractor is not for just anyone. It is a vocation. Thoroughness is a quality you must have if you wish to become a thanatopractor. It also requires a good control of emotions and discretion.

Since the thanatopractor works most of his time in a funeral home, in a mortuary, or at home, he must have an excellent physical capacity. The thanatopractor may also be required to carry heavy objects and the deceased’s body.

To be a thanatopractor, you must also have humility, responsiveness, and availability.

The Price of the Thanatopractor’s Intervention

The price of the intervention of the thanatopractor is high. It costs between 300 and 400 €. This price will likely change depending on the type of care you want. To have a clear idea of the costs of a thanatopraxy operation, ask for one or more estimates.

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