Buddhist Thoughts That Will Transform Your Life (Part 1)

Today I want to leave you with a few lines about the transformation of our existence, the improvement of our happiness. For this, I present you with some thoughts of Buddha that will help you transform your life. I want to ask you something, that you open your heart and your mind to receive these pills of wisdom. There are only seven, so I am going to propose a reflection exercise for the whole week. I think that many times we take refuge in words, in reading to heal our wounds. But unfortunately, we did not take action, and from this rostrum, we advocate for action to change our own universe. The exercise that I propose is to dedicate at least 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 minutes at night. It’s only 20 minutes a day for a week. Every day take a phrase, internalize it, perceive how it fits into your personality, how it interacts with you. After doing this, decide how you are going to implement it on that day. And at night, he performs an exercise to collect data, sensations, thoughts that have arisen. And also, create a simple action plan that you want to carry out to implement it and improve your life around that phrase. I leave you with the reflections:

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. We have to be clear that pain is something physical and unavoidable. But at the same time, suffering is a choice that depends on us, our thoughts, and our emotions. We can decide to end it, get ahead, take refuge in its claws, and fill ourselves with unhappiness. That way, you will not be able to transform your life. We are what we think, do not forget. Avoiding suffering and radically changing your karma can simply consist of taking a step back, detaching yourself from negative emotions, and looking at things from a fundamentally different perspective. I know it isn’t easy, but, if possible, you decide the quality of your life.



Although it may seem basic, allow me to touch on the subject. I don’t know if you will agree with me, but I have fervently advocated that for a few years: Through the journey of life, one travels better with a small backpack. Our desire for more materially and emotionally is the primary source of all our worries and frustrations. To transform your life, you have to learn to live with little. And also accept everything that life offers us at the time. Material detachment strikes me as necessary. The following phrase is a flash for you to reflect:

  • We come into this world with nothing.
  • We leave with nothing.
  • We spend our lives struggling to treasure things.

Wanting more often just indicates a lack of security and loneliness, so we need to fill in those gaps. Let’s fill our hearts with emotions and love, and let’s stop with bagpipes! We are sure to be happier.



Each of us is a small Universe, where everything must be in perfect balance. We often focus too much on the physical aspect or, on the contrary, on the inner part, neglecting one of the two aspects. Balancing that attention will allow us to be more aware of our reality, of what happens inside and outside of us. We are like a small boat where we have to be centered so that our journey is as pleasant as possible. If we move too much or go to one end, it can become unbalanced and fall out of it. Meditation or yoga can help you in this task of transforming your life. Remember that the world is a reflection of ourselves.


Stay tuned for the second part of this blog for more incredible pieces of Buddhist wisdom!




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