Can Burial Be Done on a Private Land?

Can Burial Be Done on a Private Land?

When a person dies, he or she is usually buried in a cemetery or cremated. These are the most common methods of burial in this field. Nevertheless, some people express the desire to be buried in private property. This may be a villa or a garden belonging to the deceased’s family or not. Many people wonder if this request is feasible. Such burial can be done on private property without any problem. However, a few conditions need to be met, and a few necessary steps need to be taken. What is involved?

The Conditions for a Burial on Private Land

It is possible to make a burial on private property, but it is subject to conditions. Indeed, this is an exceptional and very uncommon practice regulated by the Code Général des Collectivités Territoriales.

To take advantage of it, you must first obtain authorization from the domain owner where the burial will take place. This is an obligation if you are not the owner of the desired plot.

Besides this condition, you should also remember that such burial can only be done when the property is located outside of towns and cities. It is also necessary that the property be at least 35 meters away from any dwelling and neighborhood.

If you wish to bury a loved one on private land, you can only do so when a hydrogeologist has analyzed the land. The hydrogeologist must be certified by the Agence Régionale de Santé. The hydrogeologist must verify that the chosen location is far from a water table. This will avoid any contamination of the water by the deceased’s body. The intervention of this professional is also necessary to ensure that the land is stable and reliable.

The conditions for obtaining authorization for burial on private property do not stop there. The chosen location must also be easily accessible for visitors and the funeral convoy. If the area is difficult to access, the burial will not be possible.

The last condition for authorization of such a burial is related to the grave. Indeed, it must meet the standards and regulations in force for safety, but especially hygiene.

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The Steps to Take to Benefit From a Private Burial

Respecting all the required conditions is not enough to obtain the authorization for burial in a private domain. You must also take specific necessary steps.

It is crucial to note that it is the sole responsibility of the prefect of your region to give the necessary authorization for such a practice. You must therefore send him a request, including several elements.

The complete file must include a death certificate signed by the physician and a declaration of death. The latter must be taken from a registrar. In addition to these two documents, you must also have authorization to close the casket.

Once all these elements are gathered, you can proceed with the application. You will be granted individual burial rights when you receive a positive response. In other words, the family must not bury more than one person in the grave.

If you wish to bury other people in this location, the same process must be followed. You must prepare and submit a file to receive formal authorization.

Ultimately, a burial can only take place on private land when certain conditions are met. You must also take the time to gather the necessary documents to begin obtaining the desired approval.

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