Declaration of Death in France: How To Proceed?

Declaration of Death in France: How To Proceed?

In France, the declaration of death is a legal obligation. It conditions on many points the succession of the deceased person. Its realization is made following precise steps. Indeed, it is necessary to consider the circumstances in which the death occurred and simply follow the various legal provisions. Even in the case of a death that occurred abroad, the declaration of death is also necessary. Here is how to proceed.

The Declaration, According to the Circumstances of the Death

A death can occur under various circumstances. When we talk about circumstances, the emphasis is on the place where the person died. Depending on the location, the reporting procedure will differ.

Death in a Hospital

In these centers, when a death occurs, the physician on duty is directly alerted to assess the situation. Following his or her assessment, the doctor issues a death certificate that is authentic and expresses the situation. The family of the deceased must then be informed in order to obtain the exact information on his identity. These documents are necessary for the declaration to be effective before the civil registrar.

Death in a Non-medical Place

In case of a death in a public place such as on the street or in a home, a doctor is entitled to make a report. In the case of a violent death, such as an accident, the gendarmerie or the police will draw up a report which must be sent to the registrar.

In this case, the declaration must be made at the town hall of the place of death. All you have to do is provide the town hall with the documents proving the identity of the deceased. The death certificate issued by the doctor must also be included in the documents provided to the town hall.

Death in a Retirement Home

When a retirement home registers a death, it is required to call in a doctor. The physician must make a report and prepare the death certificate. This is a legal requirement that has been in effect since 2009. The death certificate is then sent to the town hall where the retirement home is located. The town hall must also receive the deceased’s identification documents to register the declaration.

Death Abroad

When a French citizen dies in another country, you must contact the country’s authorities in question to make the declaration. They will quickly draw up the death certificate. In addition, it is advisable to inform the French consulate established in the country to make the procedures more fluid.

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