How To Dress a Dead Person?

How To Dress a Dead Person?

When organizing a funeral, one of the questions that funeral directors ask is whether the deceased had planned or required to be dressed in a particular way. In most cases, the funeral home will suggest the appropriate attire to the family. In other cases, the families offer to the funeral services the clothing they want. However, some specificities are observed. There are many ways to dress a dead person. We tell you about them in this article.

Dressing the Body According to the Person’s Wishes

It is not uncommon to learn that a person before his death had already planned what he should be dressed in at his funeral. When such a wish is expressed, families and funeral directors do not show any reluctance or objection. In these cases, ceremonies are held where the deceased is dressed in a soccer jersey, a bathing suit, or even a hunting outfit. Sometimes the dead person may declare that they want to be dressed in certain colors. Since this is his last wish, it is sufficient to respect it.

Dressing According to Profession

When dressing a person who has served in the military, there is no need to think twice. His uniform is the ideal clothing to present him to his relatives. This way of doing things dates back many years and is a robust way of paying tribute to strong men. This practice is not limited to the army. It also occurs when religious people die. In some administrations, we find this practice. It is much more original and makes the ceremony very special.

Traditional Dress

When a family chooses to dress their deceased traditionally, there are three different possibilities. Either the family is rooted in a strong tradition where cremation is practiced. In this case, all they have to do is provide the funeral home with cremation clothing. Cremation garments are pretty plain and do not require metal, jewelry, or leather materials.

In some traditions, the deceased’s body is simply covered in a shroud. This type of garment replaces the coffin, as it is made of large pieces of cloth. The deceased is wrapped in this cloth and is well perfumed. The shroud is often made of natural fibers of cotton, wool, or linen. This type of clothing for the dead is found in the Muslim and Jewish religions.

The most common traditional clothing for a funeral ceremony is the funeral dress. The funeral home often offers it. It is sufficient for a man or a woman to choose a dress in which the deceased is dressed for his or her last respects. For some dead people, traditional dress is an obligation. When the deceased is tall or has a relatively large form, it is simply necessary to dress him or her in the dress. Similarly, if the deceased had lost weight drastically before her death, the traditional dress is appropriate for her to wear.

The Classic Dress

This is the type of attire that the funeral home offers to the family in most funerals. This type of clothing makes the deceased look elegant and allows everyone to maintain a good image of him or her. Generally, men are dressed in suits and women in dresses. To dress a deceased person in a classic manner, two colors tend to be used: white and black. Many families opt for white.

Whether it’s a man or a woman, they decide that everything they wear should be white. For them, it is a sign of purity. On the other hand, others opt for a mixture of the two colors. At this level, the undertaker is responsible for making the mixture to make the presentation quite perfect. Children are often dressed in white, whether it is a boy or a girl. It must be said that dressing a dead person in this way makes the funeral easier.

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