Does Meditation in Bed Work?

Does Meditation in Bed Work?

In complicated times like these, meditation – of any kind – is very necessary. Now more than ever, we need to learn how to meditate, and if it’s from your bed, what better way!

One of these methods, which is still met with much skepticism, is meditation in bed. Imagine what all those who think that meditation is “nothing but a decoy” say. But this kind of meditation works very well! It helps to fight against serious physical diseases and this has been proven. Excited to learn more? Keep reading below.

Meditation Works No Matter How You Practice It

We already know the steps to follow for a “normal” meditation and that everything they say is very effective to calm the ills of the soul and body. But doing it from bed, why is it controversial whether it is effective or not? It is not about dozing off, but about meditating. Don’t think it’s the same thing. Let’s start there.

Doing it in our comfortable bed does not mean that we lose the essence of this beautiful discipline. Meditating in bed, in the bedroom or in a space created especially for this, is good for you and is positive because it is not about the space in which you do it, but it is all about your body, your breath, your mind… your being in itself. And being, dear, is everywhere.

Neurologists at the University of Wisconsin studied the brains of a group of young Buddhist monks who are disciples of the Nyingmapa and Kagyupa schools of meditation, and compared them to American students.

The results of EEG and other tests on both groups revealed that the number of neural connections in the monks’ brains was significantly higher than in the university students’. In other words, their brains were more active. And in fact, the monks were meditating lying down or in extremely comfortable places, because that’s the purpose of meditation.

Verified By Those Who “Know”

Now let’s move on to more concrete data. For all those who believe that meditation can be one of those “alternative” or almost, magical medicines. The experts who know medicine and whom we all accept, if these same doctors and scientists, accept meditation and even promote it as an indispensable aid to human physical health.

The same recognized specialists of the Mayo Clinic (the famous American clinic that has so many medical glories) say that they consider meditation as something fundamental. Meditation “is considered a type of complementary medicine for the body and mind. Meditation can produce a state of deep relaxation and a calm mind,” say doctors at the famous clinic.

In other words, it is not a direct, medicinal treatment with active ingredients that fight cancer (to bring you one example), we are not saying that. But it is a proven, positive, effective and necessary supplement to help in these treatments of our health. As you can see, meditation is wonderful.

Meditating in Bed Helps to Relax

The nerves, the body, whatever you want. Mexico ranks first in the world for work-related stress, with 75% of its working population in the state, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). We believe that no one would doubt that meditation is something necessary in our country with these figures that do not come from our own surveys, as you can see.

That is why meditation in bed, just like the traditional postures, works and we do not need spectacular spaces to do it, nor a giant bed, nor anything special. In your own bed, it is easy to learn to meditate.

Here are some recommendations for meditating in bed:

  1. Look for a position where you feel totally relaxed and comfortable, whether you are lying down or sitting on the bed.
  2. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your body, your energy and try to keep your mind clear. Forget everything!
  3. Start by breathing deeply, inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 10 seconds.
  4. Imagine how all your tensions, problems and expectations disappear every time you breathe out, little by little you will feel more relaxed.
  5. With each exhale, imagine how every muscle in your body relaxes, from your head to your feet.
  6. Stay in this position for a few minutes until you feel yourself relax and can now sleep, without tension or anxiety.

By following these simple steps to meditate in your bed or wherever you want, you will improve the quality of your sleep and your stress level will decrease. This will, of course, reflect on your health. Take heart and let us know how it’s going!


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