How to Draw Closer to God According to the Bible (Part One)

How to Draw Closer to God According to the Bible (Part One)

According to the Bible, God is clear in his word that if we draw near to him, he will draw near to us. Although we often “draw near to him” but we feel him very distant, it is because we approach him with the wrong attitude. And this is why we often wonder: how can I get closer to God?

An admirable goal is to develop a very close relationship with God, this reflects a truly reborn heart, for only those who are in Christ are those who desire a true relationship with God. We must understand that sin does not allow us to have a close relationship with God, and this is not a deficiency of God, but of each one of us; the sin that we commit remains an obstacle to full communion with God, therefore, we must turn away from the sin that does not allow us to get closer to God. But there are also other steps that we can take to draw closer to him and today, we look about those steps.

Getting Closer to Him Comes from the Heart

To approach God, goes beyond acknowledging or simply believing. I cannot say that I recognize that there is a God without believing in my heart what he might do in my life. Even the bible stipulates that God says to us, “acknowledge with your mouth and believe in your heart,” since these two actions are closely related. Thus, in order for him to be close to us, we must acknowledge him and believe from the depths of our heart, this last aspect is what really brings us closer to God. Therefore, we must approach God with the right heart, that is, with a longing to know and receive him in our lives.

It is a Matter of Free Will

If there is a desire in the heart to know him or perhaps a concern, then this impels us to approach him voluntarily, taking into account that God has given man free will to choose the path he wishes to follow. Therefore, the path to God must be of our own free will, not to escape man or to please others, but because it is rooted in our heart.

Many times, even if we are believers, we seek God and only do so out of compromise before men, to make ourselves look good, and not because we truly desire to seek His presence. But free will means voluntarily or freely and not by obligation or imposition from another.

Do Not See Service as an Obligation

We must not forget that approaching God is a beginning, and we did it by believing in our heart; therefore, this love must be maintained, and without excess even in service. If we have a true love, service to God will not be an obligation for us but it will be something voluntary, spontaneous, and also something we desire.

Trust, with all Your Heart

When we believe with our heart that we are approaching God voluntarily, we have full confidence that God will take care to direct and protect our lives.

Just as his word says that he who began the work in you is faithful to finish it.

(Philippians 1:6) “God has begun a good work in you, and I am sure that he will perfect it until the day Jesus Christ returns.”

When we feel this confidence that God will do his work in us, it is because the Holy Spirit has convinced us and not man. We will understand that God will be at work in his work, even if we do not understand what he is doing and despair at his silence.

Those steps will definitely allow you to draw closer to God, but there is more to that. Interested in learning more? Come back to check the second part of our article.

Meanwhile, how your prayer life is? We would love to read about it; so don’t forget to share a comment below.

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