How to Prepare for the Funeral of a Loved One?

How to Prepare for the Funeral of a Loved One?

Although the death of a loved one is a trying time, the family must plan for the funeral. The organization usually depends on your wishes or those of the deceased.

Taking Care of the Paperwork

The staff will take care of the death declaration if the person dies in a retirement home or hospital. You will only have to take care of the evacuation of the body. Depending on your availability, you may be able to do this within 2 days of the death. However, if your loved one dies at home, you must obtain the death certificate yourself.

Once the administrative details have been taken care of, check if the deceased has already taken out a funeral contract. If he or she has, all you have to do is arrange the contract terms. Otherwise, contact a funeral home quickly. You must obtain a burial or cremation permit within 2 days, while all the funeral details are still to be settled.

Going to a Funeral Home

A meeting with the funeral directors will allow you to discuss all the details of the funeral arrangements. Some services are automatically included in the contract. The company will perform the mortuary cleansing, proceed with the burial, provide the coffin and ensure the transport to the resting place. The general organization then depends on the contract that you will make. You will therefore have to decide on various questions, such as

– the budget allocated to the funeral

– the date of the funeral

– the writing of the death notice

– the place and type of ceremony

Once you have discussed the essential points, move on to the execution. You still have to deal with the actual ceremony.

Preparations for the Ceremony

The funeral ceremony is the last tribute to the deceased. Many preparations must still be considered for everything to take place in the best possible conditions.

The Burial Method

The burial method depends on your convictions, knowing that you have the choice between burial and cremation. However, the choice is made automatically if you already have a family vault. If you wish to proceed with burial without having a vault, you have the option of purchasing a burial plot in a cemetery. Once you have acquired the plot, you can order a headstone from a marble worker.

If you choose cremation, contact a crematorium. You will then have the choice to deposit the ashes in a columbarium or to scatter them. Note that it is forbidden to keep them on private property.

The Type of Ceremony

The type of ceremony also depends on your beliefs, as it can be religious or secular. Generally, a religious ceremony takes place in a church, especially if you are Catholic. However, certain practices may be required depending on the religion in question.

A secular funeral, also known as a civil ceremony, occurs directly at the site of cremation or burial. During the ceremony, the relatives will evoke the memories they have of the deceased.

Please note that no funeral ceremonies are held on Sundays as the cemeteries are closed.

The Post-funeral Reception

The post-funeral reception is a time to spend with friends and family to support each other. It is usually initiated by the family (parents, spouse, children) and held at their home. It is also an opportunity to offer to complete a memory board. To organize this type of reception, plan a meal. It can be a buffet or a snack, accompanied by hot drinks.

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