More Tips for a Better Prayer Life in 2021

More Tips for a Better Prayer Life in 2021

It’s 2021, times have changed, people have changed and the world is becoming a darker place. And, now with the Covid-19, people have started talking about the end of the world. But, it is during these challenging times that you should dwell more in prayers.


#1. Pray That You Would Love Your Neighbors

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Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This commandment is actually found in nearly all religions. If you love God, you should be able to love your neighbors. And, regardless of their social class, color, age, eating habits, or even dressing style, nothing should stop you from following God’s commandment.

This commandment is also taught by Jesus in Luke 10, where He talks about the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

This famous parable tells the story of a Jew who was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho and on the way, he was attacked and robbed by assailants, leaving him with an inch of life only. The first person to travel through that road was a priest, who showed no compassion at all for the injured man and continued on his way. The second was a Levite, a priest’s assistant, who also crossed the road without helping the man.

Finally, the third person was a Samaritan. Usually, Samaritans were regarded as low-class by the Jews as they did not respect the law and intermarried with non-Jews. This led to a decade-long enmity between the Jews and the Samaritans. So, based on that, logically, you would say the Samaritan would be the least compassionate, right? Wrong! So wrong!

Whether the injured man was a Jew or Gentile, it made absolutely no difference to the Samaritan and the latter helped him out. Jesus then ends the parable by saying to go out and do the same as the Samaritan.

The moral of the story is what made this parable famous even among non-believers and the moral is that you should put aside all your differences and accept and help each other.


Here’s How You Should Pray:

My Heavenly Father, please help me remember your great love for me so as I can communicate that love to my neighbors. Help to love and accept everyone around me, where I live, work or study.”


#2. Talk to God About Someone in Need

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When you are praying, it’s very, very easy to keep asking for yourself only. And, you know how it goes: God, protect me. God, protect my family. God, protect my house. God, give me this. God, give me that.

But, when is the last time you actually prayed for someone in need? When did you pray for your co-worker to be healed from that anxiety problem? When did you pray for the marriage problem of your neighbor to be resolved?

As a believer, it is your responsibility to pray for the people around you and even for those you have never met.


How You Should Put These People in Your Prayer:

Dear God, today I am putting forward some requests for people who are in desperate need of your help. Right now, (say the name of the person) is struggling with (say what problem they are facing) and I am asking for your divine intervention in their lives. I know you love us all and have died for all of us.”


#3. Pray That You Would Love Your Enemies

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Now, now, I know this is the most difficult one. Actually, to be honest, this sounds like more impossible for me.

I mean, think about it. The person who hates you, who keeps on finding excuses to fight with you, who never seem to agree on anything you say (no matter how senseless they might sound then). Is it that easy to pray and wish for the good of these people?

Well, in terms of human capacity, you can’ t, but if you ask God’s help, you will be able to.

But, remember, before praying for them, you must first forgive them.


How You Might Pray


Father, on my own, I can never forgive and pray for my enemies. But, I need your help. Jesus, if you forgave even the person who was nailing you on the cross, please help me to love and pray for those people that I feel angry toward.”


Prayers are more than just us expressing our worries and problems to our Heavenly Father. It is a way of communicating and getting closer to God. Do you agree with me?

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