What You Need To Know About Funeral Homes

What You Need To Know About Funeral Homes

For anyone, losing a family member or a loved one is always difficult. Sadness and pain are the most common emotions shared at this time. However, this is part of life. And to properly carry out the funeral ceremony, various steps need to be taken during the funeral. Fortunately, today there are funeral companies that facilitate this task to lighten the burden of the deceased’s family. They take care of the entire organization of the funeral ceremony from beginning to end. However, the existence of this company remains unknown to some individuals. This article provides information about it.

What Is a Funeral Home?

Funeral directors are companies whose primary mission is to organize funeral ceremonies. They are responsible for various tasks, such as managing the funeral and choosing the casket and the funeral date. There are two categories of funeral companies: municipal funeral companies, which are considered representatives of the municipality and are in charge of organizing the funeral ceremony, and independent private funeral companies, which have their own status. In addition, there are also associations approved by the police prefecture, which also have the right to deal with the organization of funerals.

What Are the Roles of the Funeral Company?

The role of the funeral company is first to help you prepare the funeral of the deceased successfully. Then, it puts all its professionalism at the service of the bereaved family by accompanying them throughout the stages preceding the funeral. In such a situation, some papers must still be filled out, and steps must also be taken to go smoothly. Moreover, to relieve the deceased’s relatives, these professionals take care of many formalities as soon as they are requested. For example, they take care of the request for authorization from the town hall before the burial. The same applies to cremation.

Moreover, a funeral company is not only called by the deceased’s family. The municipality, in a particular case can also call it.

What Are the Different Professionals in a Funeral Home?

Within this company, different skills are necessary. Hence the presence of these multiple people:

-The funeral advisor: he plays the role of the primary contact with the deceased’s family. He is the master of the funeral organization and takes care of all the administrative formalities related to the ceremony.

– The pallbearers: they are a team under the orders of the master of ceremony. The pallbearers intervene on the funeral day, manage the placing of the coffin and carry the coffin of the deceased.

– The driver: he drives the hearse and ensures its maintenance.

– The marble workers: they are in charge of the installation of graves and funeral monuments, the construction of vaults and the digging of the grave. They are also responsible for the maintenance of the grave, if required by the municipality.

-Advisors: they ensure the proper management of the provident contracts offered in the agency.

-The hosts and/or hostesses: they welcome the deceased’s family and guide them to the funeral home during the days preceding the funeral.

-The thanatopractor: he is the one who takes care of the body of the deceased by making it presentable thanks to conservation care. He is also the one who has direct contact with the deceased’s body.

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