Zen Habits That Will Literally Transform Your Life! (Part 2)

We have always bet on a simple life from this page, which leads to a happy life. And for that, we have to improve many things. That is why today, you have before you some Zen habits that I consider essential to achieve improvements in our lives. I firmly believe that we must simplify our life to the maximum to concentrate on the most productive. And when I use the word productivity, it is not in economic terms, but rather that we have to be effective in all areas of our lives, from love to friendships to our free time. That is why you have before you some tips that can help you find a much shorter way to achieve these vital benefits. If you think so, I leave this relaxing video for you to accompany the reading of the article.



We already know how to function with the first two Zen habits: in “single-task” mode and finishing it above all else. This will relieve us a lot, taking the stress out of our heads. But we mustn’t rush because if we do, we will indicate that the next task is much more important than the one we are doing. And in this way, we will lose concentration, dividing our attention between what we are doing and what we will do next. Also, by not being focused on it, we may not achieve a perfect realization of it. Let’s go without haste. Let us not let our mind go at the speed it wants; we need to perceive our inner happiness in this way. Perhaps one of the steps to get out of an existential crisis is to allow ourselves to slow down a little bit and slow down our thoughts, don’t you think? I stroll through life. The only place you have to go is yourself.



It is not necessary to meditate; we go to a temple … we can do it at any moment of our life. You just have to want to do it; the rest will come by itself. Doing our housework can become a gateway to our inner knowledge. In fact, they are essential parts of the life of a Zen monk. Cleaning, collecting, tidying up can be part of meditation; focus on them, do them slowly and thoroughly. In addition to having a cleaner and more comfortable home, your day will change completely. If you can also do these tasks with a smile and give thanks for the opportunity to be with yourself in meditation while doing them, everything will be more powerful.



We will feel much better when we can assign a routine to our daily activities. The idea is that we create a particular time to perform a specific task. Since they are babies, do you realize that children need eating, sleeping, and other activities? As we grow, our mind takes over our biological clock, telling us: “You do not need a routine, you are brilliant, and you can function at your free will.” Big mistake. Your life starts to fall apart, and you start running like a headless chicken from one place to another. Create a minimally flexible routine, so you don’t become enslaved by it. And your life will get better. A summation of practices will open the way to live.



You need to breathe between each task; if the first one needs more time to complete, we can dedicate it without raising our stress level. It is the way not to feel that you go all day with your tongue hanging out. We can say that not programming activities very close to each other is our mattress of tranquility. The important thing is the creation of habits to be able to work like this.


I hope these Zen Habits help you better organize your time, life, and happiness! See you soon. Stay tuned for the next parts!

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