Unholy Sexual Cords.

Unholy Sexual Cords.

This Biblical verse is one that many of us are familiar with, and it is often read in churches for weddings or whenever there is a need to preach about the holy union of wife and husband. In this article, we will talk about sexual cords.

That is why a man leaves his father and mother

and is united to his wife,

and they become one flesh.”

Genesis 2:24

What are sexual cords?

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Holy and Unholy Sexual Cords.

A sexual cord is an invisible link between two people ‘become one flesh’ – in other words, when they have sex. This link was initially created to bind wives and husbands, as they share joy and sorrow in the most intimate way.

Nowadays, with the hook-up culture, people find it hard to get emotionally attached to others because they have too many unholy sexual cords (having pre-marital sex).

Anatomically speaking, whenever two people are having sex, they become one. According to the Bible, this union is considered holy only within the framework of a marriage.

Is A Sexual Cord Bad?

Let’s make it clear; God created sex, and having sex within marriage is seen as holy. Sex in itself is a very powerful action, and it allows a transfer of emotion and energy that is exceptional. 

During hook-ups or a one-night stand, the idea is to avoid emotional attachment and most of the time partners do not see each other again. Most people do not seem to understand that whenever you have sex with someone, you take a part of them.

You take a trace of trauma and emotional turmoil from every sexual partner you’ve had in your life. Some people do not understand why they feel so sad for no reason or start developing anger issues… let me tell you why. It’s because they have been linked with the wrong people. Imagine someone having a body count over 10. How draining it must be to carry energy loads that are not yours.

Releasing Sexual Cords…

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How To Release Sexual Cords.

You be asking yourself, but are we condemned to live with unwanted and unholy sexual cords? Fortunately no. You can get rid of an unholy sexual cord, but bear in mind that this is not something easy. 

You need a lot of effort, patience, and dedication as it won’t happen overnight (or it may, depends on you). I will teach you how you can release sexual cords as a Christian.

There are two main steps to releasing sexual cords. First, you need to pray, be in the presence of the Lord and allow yourself to release this link. Sometimes, unconsciously, we do not want to let go of some people and any negative thoughts against our prayer will not help us achieve what we want. You may want to fast too. A lot of people mentioned in the Bible carried out this practice; for example, Moses and Jesus himself fasted for 40 days in the desert. Fasting along with prayer will allow you to find comfort in God’s presence and have a more powerful response to your request.

You may ask how you will know you are now free of your unholy sexual cords and the answer is simple, you will feel it. You will feel a lot healthier, lighter and most importantly, happier. You will still have your issues but you will deal with them without the weight of other people’s negativity. It acts as a circle; whenever you have an unholy sexual cord, you will want to indulge in sinful behaviors trying to fill the void, only to feel even more empty in the end.

It may sound scary, but what is scarier is to lug around a sexual cord to someone you had sex with five years ago. Let us know in the comments what you think of sexual cords…

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