Child’s Funeral: How To Proceed?

Child’s Funeral: How To Proceed?

Losing a child can happen to anyone. It brings a lot of sadness. However, when a parent loses their child, the responsibility of the child’s funeral also falls on them. You must do everything you can to provide a fitting tribute to your child. Here’s how to handle a child’s funeral.

Selecting a Funeral Service

The funeral service is the first assistance you need when you lose your child. You will need to choose one that is close to where you live. This emphasis on location allows you to reduce the distance you travel with your child’s remains. Moreover, given the numerous exchanges, you will have with this operator for the organization of the whole ceremony, it is preferable that he is really close to respond efficiently.

The Choice of the Casket

If you choose cremation, you must select a container for the ashes. It is essential to take into account your financial availability to choose all this. However, for the colors of the urn, choose the colors that the deceased liked.

When you opt for a burial, you can have the deceased buried with one of their favorite toys. It is vital to choose the casket with this in mind. You can also select the casket’s shape and the wood used to make it.

Ordering flowers

Flowers must be placed on your child’s casket. The choice of flowers can be made following the advice of a friend, a relative or according to your child’s preferences. However, to make it easier for you, you can use the services of a specialized agency.

Florists know how to compose flowers for all types of occasions. They will offer you bouquets that will represent your child’s personality with distinction. However, it is crucial to put a particular emphasis on the presence of white flowers. This color symbolizes purity and consolation.

Preparation of the ceremony

The preparation of the ceremony depends on the type of tribute you plan to give to your child. You can choose a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. However, you can also consider your child’s habits to choose the type of ceremony that suits him.

You must choose between a religious service or a viewing in a private place: either your home, the cemetery, the funeral home, or the crematorium. You can plan the different speeches and the music. You also have the right to define the course of the ceremony.

The invitations

When you have decided on the day and time of the ceremony, it is vital to inform your loved ones. Their presence at your side on that day is of the utmost importance. Having support when your child is placed in his or her final resting place means ensuring you are always accompanied.

Sometimes, people decide to pay a special tribute to your child. You can give them that opportunity. This tribute can be a song or a speech. Just make your child happy by accepting this participation.


To accompany you, you can play your child’s favorite music. Many people find that children’s music is a bit too simple for these occasions. However, feel free to play them on a loop to pay tribute.

Whether the funeral is held at the church or directly at the burial site, there are all the ways you can make your son hear his favorite song one last time. In this case, the music is as essential as the casket.

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