Organize an Ecological Funeral

Organize an Ecological Funeral

Funerals are among the most important events in human life. So, to make them memorable, the relatives of the deceased prepare a good death notice and organize a special burial to immortalize this moment. But, instead of arranging the funeral in a classical way, you can experiment a new approach: the ecological funeral. But, how to proceed to realize this type of funeral?

Choosing Cremation Instead of Burial

Speaking of ecological funerals, you should know that it is an approach that is respectful of the environment. Thus, the various acts to be done must follow the requirements of nature. So, to organize an ecological funeral, you should favor cremation over burial. In fact, in the case of burial, you will have to build a vault and use materials such as cement to fill in certain parts.

The vault’s construction destroys the soil structure, and the chemical materials poison nature. But for cremation, you will use only a little wood and gasoline. Moreover, you can use the ashes from the cremation as a substrate to germinate seeds. In transposing, it is obvious that cremation offers more advantages and less consequences than burial.

Opting for a Casket Made of an Ecological Material

If you wish to follow the ecological approach to funerals, you must also abandon the idea of wooden coffins. Indeed, to make a wooden coffin, you will have to cut down some trees. By doing so, you risk accentuating the problem of deforestation and disturbing the balance of nature.

For this purpose, it is preferable to opt for cardboard coffins, for example. These types of coffins are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also economical. Indeed, they are often made with recycled cardboard and natural glues. This way, you don’t risk polluting the environment. In addition, the cardboard can decompose and better nourish the soil where the deceased was buried.

Avoid the Use of Embalming Products

Generally, to preserve a body, specialists use several balms or products to slow down the putrefaction of the deceased. The problem is that these products are often chemical and contaminate the environment. As a result, the people’s health and the soil’s state are strongly compromised. So, to mitigate this, it is preferable to use non-toxic embalming products.

For example, you can use dry ice to preserve the state of the deceased’s body. This process is very environmentally friendly and keeps the body intact for some time. Apart from that, you can also use other techniques affiliated with cold to preserve the deceased’s body. By opting for these alternatives, you limit the use of chemicals and reduce their environmental impact.

Choose a Zero-phyto Cemetery

To bury the body of a deceased person, you do not always have to use traditional cemeteries. Indeed, they are not respectful of the environment and do not comply with any ecological principle. However, to remain faithful to environmental values, there are special cemeteries (zero-phyto cemeteries) that allow you to have an ecological funeral. In this type of cemetery, you will only see green spaces.

Indeed, the ground is covered only with plants and grasses that occupy the surfaces. Moreover, biodegradable urns and cardboard coffins are promoted for burials or cremations. Also, some of these cemeteries offer funeral organization services. This advantage allows you to delegate tasks and not move around too much for the funeral. In this way, you limit the carbon footprint of your car.

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