How To Choose Flowers for a Funeral?

How To Choose Flowers for a Funeral?

How to choose flowers for a funeral? Bringing flowers to a funeral is not a modern act. It’s an age-old practice to show affection to the bereaved. When you get flowers for a funeral, you express your presence and support for the family. The flowers express your emotions, so it is essential to choose them carefully. There are some criteria to consider to make a good choice.

Consider the Relationship With the Deceased

Your relationship with the deceased will significantly influence your choice of flowers. When it is a close friend or family member, you want to pay a great tribute. Above all, you want to be there for them. You can express this desire through a wreath of flowers or arrangements made in various forms.

When the relationship that united you with the deceased was purely friendly, you can opt for simple and discreet flowers. If, on the other hand, you had a professional relationship with the deceased, it is preferable to choose flowers that directly express your grief.

Take Into Account the Place of the Funeral

Why should you choose your flowers according to the place of the ceremony? There are many reasons. First, the flowers must accompany the procession throughout its journey. There is already a criterion of resistance involved. If the flowers you have chosen are not strong enough for the funeral to be held at the home of the deceased and end at the cemetery, your flowers may fail you along the way.

If, on the other hand, the funeral takes place in a crematorium, the criteria for choosing flowers are more restrictive. Indeed, the health and safety standards in force in these centers require a lot of control. For flowers to be brought in, they must meet certain conditions.

The bouquets must be made up of cut flowers. If you choose to bring in roses, they are only accepted individually. Furthermore, when you wish to assist your loved ones with pricked flowers, they must be kept in a container that respects the standards of the house.

Consider the Personality of the Deceased

When you decide to take into account the deceased’s personality when choosing the flower to bring to the funeral, you are going to have to base your decision on his or her primary qualification. To pay your last respects to a woman, choose pastel or pink flowers. They are best suited for women, who are considered soft and tender.

Men are considered firm and lively. So, choose brightly colored flowers with a country style. When attending a child’s funeral, it is essential to use the color white.

A message of peace and purity is essential in these circumstances. However, when it comes to the volume of the flower, it should be pretty small. Large flowers are not recommended for this funeral. It is also important that the flowers are well crafted to bring out the personality of the person you are honoring.

What Color Flowers To Choose for a Funeral?

There are no specific rules to follow. To go to a funeral, everyone has his feelings, his impressions and his message. According to these criteria, the colors of the flowers should be validated when ordering.

Although each color has a particular meaning, it is essential to consider the message you wish to convey to the families when choosing them. Many people opt for white. This is because there is a desire to convey the importance of peace and purity to the bereaved. That is what this color means. Others choose to send a message of hope and joy. They choose brightly colored flowers.

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