Is There a Thing Called ‘Spiritual Debauchery’?

Is There a Thing Called ‘Spiritual Debauchery’?

The word ‘debauchery’ is not unknown to us. Various times in the Bible, we are confronted with this word – do not indulge in lust, sexual immorality, alcoholism, foul language, or any rebellious manner. No, this list above is not the ‘must-haves’ of a successful party, far from it. But have you ever heard of ‘spiritual debauchery’?

Most of the time, our pastors and church leaders are our role models, but can our role models lead us in wrongdoing? Ouch, a sore point, isn’t it? Here comes the term’ spiritual debauchery’, when you use your spiritual life or power to lead other people into wrongdoings. Apart from debauchery, a false prophet is another term mentioned in the Bible that Jesus warned us about.

Our preachers have extreme power in shaping our perception of things, whether in our personal life or society in general. Some use their preaching time wisely, while others have the nerve to stand in front of a crowded church and verbally abuse people for minutes, even hours is beyond understanding. Regrettably, some people will leave the church on Sunday not filled with the spirit of God but brain-washed.

Pastors are doing crazy things, and believe me, they are getting crazier as time goes on. Getting on your knees, closing your eyes and praying is being seen as too classic. People want a church where the pastors are resurrecting people, having phone calls from God (because yes, I saw that on YouTube), or doing any number of similarly crazy deeds. People are willing to believe everything that these pastors are telling them, and it is shocking.

How To Recognize A False Prophet?

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How To Recognize A False Prophet?

Many people are claiming to be apostles and prophets of God in these odd times. The church faces a significant difficulty in how to correctly distinguish false prophets from genuine ones. The Bible warns us that there would be an increase in the number of false prophets and pastors.

False prophets, for the most part, claim to be true by practising ‘amazing’ things and calling them the gift of God., Where you get to discern the false from the true is by their inner motives. These so-called gifts are used only to serve for their glory. Their own need for attention, honour, and glory will drive them. They will not come for the sole purpose of voluntarily serving but rather for seats of honour and authority.

Instead of prophesying to serve the church without payment (like Christ did), they will provide their ‘services’ for monetary gain. Whether or not the church decides to bless them financially makes no difference to the true prophet.

True prophets can also have some flaws, but they will always lead people to the Lord with a true heart. We must be aware that preachers are people just like us, they may have the gift to preach, but it does not mean that they won’t make any mistakes. We are all responsible for making sure that our pastors are on the right track (but remember going off-track does not mean doing things for their glory).

In consequence…

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Main Aim: Get Closer To Jesus.

Because the Bible warns us that many false prophets would arise before Christ’s second coming, we should not believe every prophet just because they seem correct. We should look deeper than the outside and look more at the heart. Do not forget to dig deeper. On the other hand, we must not reject every prophet or dismiss the true gift because a few have tainted it. God sent people to us and we should recognize them. Comment down below what do you think about false prophets.

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