Lithotherapy: Treatment And Healing

Lithotherapy: Treatment And Healing

Do you have sleeping problems, or are you constantly under stress? Lithotherapy is a very appropriate method to fight against various ailments. By following this article, discover the therapeutic virtues of this technique. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things that everyone needs to know about lithotherapy.

What is lithotherapy?


Lithotherapy refers to the use of stones and crystals to improve well-being. It is a rather recent discipline, brought up to date in the ’70s in the United States, even if very old civilizations (Romans, Greeks, Sumerians, etc.) were already using stones for decoration or rituals. So it is not so new since deposits have been used for a very long time. A few people have contributed to their development in Europe over the last 20-30 years. There are actually several disciplines in lithotherapy:

    • Energetic lithotherapy (which uses the vibrations of stones). Stones have very stable energy due to their formation, and it is on this great stability that we will come to rely on. The idea is to help the human being balance his energies with the vibrations of the stone.
    • Dechelating lithotherapy is a branch of homeopathy. It consists of drinking a dilution of minerals to the 8th decimal place, prepared from a stone soaked in water. The vibration of the stone will mix with that of the water, which we will then drink.

The fields of intervention of lithotherapy

Many people practice lithotherapy to fight against ailments such as anxiety, exhaustion, mental agitation, sleep disorders, and joint disorders. It is also a method very appreciated by some to regain self-confidence and fight against stress. For the stone treatment to work, put them in direct contact with the skin as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant. You can also put them in your pocket if you have opted for a small pebble or a rolled stone.

How does energetic lithotherapy work?


Stones in everyday life are very simple: a stone can be worn as a pendant or a “rolled stone” when placed in a pocket. The stones’ energy and properties come from their mineralogical criteria (color, crystalline system, hardness, trace elements, principle of formation of the stone). All this gives a particular influence to each stone. And the idea is that for each life situation that we encounter, we can find a stone that can accompany us.

The healing power of different stones

In lithotherapy, each stone is used to heal a particular ailment. The amethyst allows, for example, to balance the lacks and the excesses on all levels. As for carnelian, it develops self-confidence and intuition. It also allows women to find their femininity. Rose quartz is a stone that restores confidence following a breakup or a disappointment in love.

Choose blue calcite for those who have a problem expressing themselves in public. It has anti-stress properties. If you want to become more objective, choose lapis lazuli. Citrine is the stone for you if you want to be more optimistic and have a sense of security. It is a stone that also stimulates vital energy. For people suffering from asthma or allergic reaction, the best is to use amber. On the other hand, to solve a private problem such as sexuality, choose red garnet.

Use jade to bring courage, inner peace, wisdom, and relaxation. This stone also allows you to be modest. If you want to channel your anger, emerald is the stone for you. Besides, it strengthens the immune system. To control mood swings, amazonite is also perfect. It is a very effective therapy, even if you don’t believe in it. However, if you have a recalcitrant nature, you may develop defenses against the treatment.

Types of stones to use in lithotherapy


The stones used in lithotherapy are either precious or semi-precious. They can be in the form of crystals, rough stones, or polished stones. For more practicality, use the latter. Moreover, they are not likely to damage your clothes. To find the right lithotherapy stone, don’t hesitate to go to a mineral store. They have a variety of stones to choose from: tiger’s eye, rose quartz, amethyst, etc. You can also find all kinds of polished and rough stones.

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