Organizing A Funeral: How To Plan It During Your Lifetime?

Organizing A Funeral: How To Plan It During Your Lifetime?

“Funerals are often considered taboo. However, 4 out of 10 American organize their funerals with serenity. Preparing for this moment is not bad luck! In addition to relieving your loved ones of all the administrative procedures, you can express your last wishes. What should you think about it? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about organizing your funeral while you are alive.

Specify the essential wishes


Proper preparation for your funeral allows you to convey messages and values to your loved ones. By taking into account the path you’ve taken and the major turning points in your life, you can give meaning to each step of your funeral. So take charge of recording your last wishes so that your loved ones don’t make difficult decisions.

There are no constraints or controls if you wish to donate your organs or body. You have the option of taking the donor card. You can also write down the details of your funeral arrangements: type of funeral urn, choice of tombstone, choice of epitaph, and funeral items… Some people even ask to be woken at their homes so that their loved ones can mourn in a familiar place.

Protecting and reassuring your loved ones

Don’t want your children to spend money on your funeral? It is possible to pay for the cost of the funeral before the death. By paying money to a relative or a funeral director, you will have enough capital to organize your funeral. It is not only a matter of relieving your loved ones of a possible debt but also of providing assistance to your loved ones. In order to take care of the funeral expenses yourself, it is essential to sign a funeral contract. However, you can also record your wishes without paying a penny, thanks to the free funeral contract.

With regard to the will, the distribution of assets is a sensitive issue. To plan the estate, you only need to respect the requirements of the law. You simply have to write the will by hand, date it, and sign it. The presence of a notary is essential for greater peace of mind, but it is not mandatory.

Make certain arrangements

If you are a meticulous person, it is possible to write your death notice in the newspaper of your choice, write a burial text, and indicate the clothes you wish to wear when you join the green pastures.

As for the casket and the burial, the choice is wide. Many are the types of caskets, the layout of the burial room, and the things to put on the casket during the ceremony that must be chosen.

To make this separation less sad, funeral planners are accustomed to organizing a large celebration. In order to offer a moment of conviviality to all the people you care about, you can ask them to wear a particular outfit. For a soccer fan, wearing a jersey as a top will be seen as a sign of respect. For people who value socializing, they can make a list of people to inform on the day they go feet first.

Choose, choose and choose


If you are concerned about potential conflicts around the funeral, it is best to pick and choose while you are still alive. You can write down your choices on a piece of paper:

    • Burial and cremation
    • A civil or religious ceremony
    • Burial in the community or the city cemetery
    • Preservation care and organ donation
    • A scattering of ashes in the forest or the ocean

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