What Is The Budget For A Columbarium?

What Is The Budget For A Columbarium?

When a loved one dies, there are two funerals to choose from: burial or cremation. If you choose the latter, you must find a place to store the urn. If you want to have a place to rest, choose the columbarium. You can also place flowers there. But how much can this type of cinerary monument cost? The answer to this question below.

The price of the columbarium, according to the duration of the concession

The price of the columbarium is likely to change according to the duration of the concession:

    • 5 years: between 140 and 750 dollars.
    • 10 years: between 200 and 800 dollars.
    • 15 years: between 300 and 950 dollars.
    • 20 years: between 400 and 1 100 dollars.
    • 25 years: between 400 and 1 400 dollars.
    • 30 years: between 500 and 1 500 dollars.
    • 50 years: between 600 and 2 500 dollars.

The location, the material used, the type of monument, and the number of spaces in the columbarium also influence these prices. If you add all this to the organization of the funeral, you should plan for around 2,000 to 5,000 dollars. To find out the different columbarium rates, consult the notices on the subject at your town hall.

You should know that the deadline for renewing a columbarium concession varies. Your city hall must send you a letter before the expiration date. If you fail to renew, the urn containing the ashes of the deceased will be moved to another location provided by the city hall.

Characteristics of the columbarium

The columbarium consists of one or more boxes. Each box has the name of the deceased, date of birth, date of death, and the number of the box. Quotes, symbols, and photographs can also be incorporated into the box if requested by the family members of the deceased.

The different types of columbarium


There are several models of columbarium available, such as the linear columbarium. It is also known as a straight columbarium. It can have many levels and be single or double-sided. The curved columbarium has the same characteristics as the previous model, except that the lines are curved.

As for the columbarium in individual boxes, it can contain a maximum of 6 urns. As decoration of the boxes, you can install planters. The column columbarium is made of concrete. It is a funerary monument that can accommodate between 2 and 6 spaces.

The arbor columbarium allows the deceased’s family members to benefit from a space for meditation. It can accommodate a maximum of 64 spaces. In small spaces, the wall columbarium is the most common model. Its shapes are diversified according to the space available.

To enjoy a columbarium that can be expanded, the best choice is a hexagonal model. It includes up to 3 levels and a different assembly system according to the needs of the deceased’s family members.

What to do in case of a non-renewed concession?

At the end of this period (5, 10, 15, 30, or 50 years), if the plot is not renewed and if the ashes of the deceased are not recovered by the next of kin, they will be scattered in the memorial garden or placed in the ossuary. In order to prevent this situation, the town halls systematically send reminder letters to the relatives of the deceased. In general, it is the mayor who designates the plot for the deceased, thus giving the family the right to use and enjoy this space. The municipality remains, nevertheless, the owner of the monument and must ensure its maintenance.

How to set the price of a columbarium plot: what you should know


In France, the rate of cremation is constantly increasing. Faced with these societal changes, legalization is evolving. Ashes can no longer be kept at home but scattered or kept in an appropriate place, such as a columbarium. The price of a columbarium concession is set by the Mayor. The price can vary according to the length of time the space is reserved and the type of monument chosen, with a rate ranging from 350 to 1200 dollars.

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