To Become A Funeral Marble Worker In France: What Qualities And Training?

To Become A Funeral Marble Worker In France: What Qualities And Training?

The marble worker is a craftsman who shapes in his way with elements made of raw stone. He cuts, saws, and polishes the stone in order to give it the aspect and shape wanted by the customer. He can thus intervene in the funeral sector but also in the field of the decoration of the kitchen, bathroom, etc. However, becoming a funeral marble worker requires very specific qualities and training. To learn more about this, please read this article.

Qualities needed to become a funeral marble worker


Touching on the know-how, the qualities necessary to be a funeral marble worker are numerous. Here they are below.

Being in good physical condition

Having a good physical condition is “one of the essential qualities to become a funeral marble worker and to be able to work with earth moving companies.

Indeed, if we look at the definition of this job, we must recognize that it is hard and tiring. You will have to use heavy materials. For this purpose, you must be in good health and not be afraid to work outdoors.

Have a good psychological solidity

Yes, a funeral marble worker must be psychologically sound. Although this craftsman is specialized in the installation of certain funeral articles and in earthworks, he is very generally in situations of exhumation.

Here, it is actually necessary to make extractions of mausoleums of the bodies. Thus, in front of such a situation, he will have to show courage and determination in order to do his work well.

To have the spirit of listening.

Just like a thanatopractor, the funeral marble worker must be a good listener. This will allow him to better understand the needs of his clients. It is also this quality that will allow him to know the last wishes of the deceased in terms of shape, minerals, and even color.

To be rigorous

Managing manufacturing schedules, interventions, and even material inventories are all services that the funeral marble worker can perform. To this end, he must be demanding and rigorous with himself. This will allow him to assume his responsibilities well.

Knowing the rules of cemeteries

Doing earthworks in a cemetery to accommodate a casket is not only a matter of being strong or having good skills but also of knowing how to respect the rules.

In fact, a good funeral marble worker must first learn about the rules of cemeteries. This will allow him to know how to do his job well and respect the memory of the deceased.

The necessary training to become a funeral marble worker.

To become a funeral marble worker, it is necessary to follow initial and continuous professional training. Discover the details below.

The initial training

The initial training is done in two different levels, namely level V and level VI. The training of level V is done over 2 years, and you will have a CAP marble worker of the building and decoration.

With level VI, you have the choice between a BAC pro craft and trades of art or the BAC pro-intervention on the built heritage, which is obtained in 3 years, and a BP trade of the stone after 2 years of training. Following these training courses, you can already carry out work for a burial or many others.

Continuous professional training


Diplomas such as the CAP can indeed allow you to prepare for continuing vocational training. In addition, the craft industry offers professionals the opportunity to acquire the BTMS (Brevet technique des métiers supérieurs).

With this training, you will be able to carry out all the work related to the profession of funeral marble worker. These are some of the qualities and training required to become a funeral marble worker. So don’t hesitate to get started.

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