Witchcraft: A Reality Not a Myth!

Witchcraft: A Reality Not a Myth!

Warning: This article is purely based on personal experiences and beliefs. If you are going to bring in hard-headed skeptic thoughts or if you think this article will be too spiritual for your “highly intellectual” mind, I suggest you stop right here.


Do you believe in witchcraft?

I’m well aware that this question would only evoke incredulous stares. As a member of Gen Z, my contemporary mind would be like, there’s no place for women with strange powers and magical tricks transforming people into animals. But, my 20 years of experience as a victim of witchcraft can tell you it’s otherwise.

Science, Religion and Witchcraft

Science, Religion and Witchcraft

Today, people no longer believe in nature worship, vengeful gods that send plagues and floods, the burning of our own bodies to honor gods and other mystical stories that make up our superstitious past. Why? Because science became the antithesis of faith, transforming believers into intellectually evolved people and giving an answer to everything. But, can science really explain everything?

We consider science as the ultimate answer for everything we don’t understand and yet despite its promises and growing technological advances, it fails to explain the origin of life, dreams, death; heck, it still can’t pin down the reason why we yawn. And, after all, witchcraft is not a mere quaint fictional tale that can go gentle into that good night.

Tying curses, evil prayers, black magic and spells causing misfortunes, business failures and marital breakdowns together, witchcraft can be perceived as a reformed version of Pagan religion. Interestingly, despite groundbreaking scientific discoveries made by Copernicus, Einstein and Darwin, religion didn’t die and instead survived great advances in science for millennia and still serves an important function today in society.

So, can’t it be said that witchcraft, just like core beliefs of main world religions, is pretty much real and has survived despite the rise of science and the growing unbelief of people?

Furthermore, what if I told you that great scientists, like Tycho Brahe and Paracelsus, being among scientific geniuses who have set the stage for a future without religion, used to believe in black magic?

The Concept of Good and Bad

The Concept of Good and Bad

I’m not going to argue with those who believe that witchcraft can be used for a good purpose like healing people – even if I don’t see any good coming out of death chants, revenge spells and voodoo dolls but well….

For those who don’t believe in witchcraft simply because they don’t believe the existence of this kind of evil practice, I guess they’ve never heard of “where there’s good, there’s always bad.” If there’s the religion with God as the creator and protector in the center, there’s bound to be a religion with the devil as the destructor.

No matter how much science has shaken the foundations of certain religious beliefs, science explains this same concept of good and bad through different words – Newton’s third law of motion, the existence of two opposite poles in magnetism and the positive and negative charge in Coulomb’s law.

If Christianity talks about loving your neighbor as yourself, Islam speaks about giving charity and being just while Hinduism emphasizes on good conduct and nonviolence, why can’t there be an opposite religion urging its followers to steal, kill and destroy?

After all, religion has several definitions, but was never specifically defined as a “good” or “bad” belief system, right?

I’ve Never Seen or Experienced It

I’ve Never Seen or Experienced It

You’ve never gone to China doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Or, if you’ve never gone through depression doesn’t mean your friend didn’t. You cannot use what you never saw or experienced to generalize what someone else might have gone through.

I can still remember the looks on my friends’ faces when I was recounting my story as a victim of witchcraft. They listened, sympathized but never believed.

At one point, I’ve stopped telling people how it feels to come across black magic items every day at your doorstep, how scary it can be to feel and see dark presence in your house or hear loud wailing at midnight and even wake up in blood but without any injuries. It’s much scarier when you have someone actually confessing to ruin you financially, cut off your family from you and steal away your happiness – that’s what with me and my family.

I’ve had people trying to persuade me of it being nothing but a superstitious trap and all lies, but with constant dark occurrences and sudden weird/unexplainable situations resulting in financial loss, unemployment, marital issues and many more, I was convinced that more than core religions’ efforts to gain believers’ hearts, witchcraft was successful in cunning people into disbelieving its existence.

On a Concluding Note…

It’s common to disregard witchcraft when you haven’t been its prime target and tasted the fruit of darkness. I don’t blame you. But, it’s also a common mistake to underestimate its power or to ignore the cries of those who’ve been through it. 

Now, what do YOU think about witchcraft?




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