5 Ways To Pay Your Last Respects to the Deceased

5 Ways To Pay Your Last Respects to the Deceased

Feeling deep sorrow is a given when a loved one has left for a better place. Close friends and family are devastated when faced with a lifeless body. But nothing is left to do but to organize the deceased’s funeral with dignity. There are many ways to honor the deceased’s body, whether a religious ceremony or a civil funeral. In this article, you will find 5 ways to pay tribute to the memory of your loved one.

Writing a Speech

At the funeral, you can speak to express your love and respect for your loved one to others. However, this is easier said than done as you may have difficulty finding the right words. To help you write your speech, here are the key points to consider:

Structure of the Speech

Like an essay on an exam, your speech must be well organized. To do this, develop an outline that will help you structure your speech. Your ideas should also be prioritized to express yourself better on the day of the ceremony. There are no good or bad speeches; the main thing is to speak from the heart.

Use Short, Simple Sentences

Are the memories of your loved one so painful that you have difficulty writing your speech? Then keep your words simple and concise. This will help the audience retain the messages you want to convey.

Telling a Story or a Memory

The speech is meant to tell a brief story about the deceased. Talk about his or her qualities and the events that marked him or her during his or her lifetime. Also talk about memories that have marked you. There is no question of crying throughout your speech. On the contrary, you can smile or laugh, because it is the most beautiful tribute you could give him.

Reading a Work

If you don’t want to write a speech, you can use poems, song lyrics, or texts written by famous authors. These can evoke the history or aspirations of the deceased. You can also choose a text that reminds him or her of what he or she liked. Do you have a talent for writing poems? Then bring out your inspirations to obtain an original and personalized text.

Playing the Music

Music can be adapted to any event. Use it to pay tribute to the deceased.

Depending on your preference, you may choose a song or a melody. The latter is emotionally intense and better conveys messages that are difficult to say in words. The choice is yours at the beginning or at the end of the funeral, played separately or used as background music while reading a text.

Be sure to make the right choice of music. Usually, a song or melody that the deceased enjoyed or evoked the relationship between him or her and loved ones is played. Family and friends can contribute to the performance, but you can also use a band, singer, or choir. To keep it simple, a song played on a music player can do the trick. It is recommended not to exceed 5 songs.

Projecting images

Pictures allow family members and others present to recall moments spent with the deceased. Choose the most memorable photos and show them on a digital screen or in slideshow mode. If you want to keep it simple, pictures of the deceased can be hung on the walls or printed on signs. Videos are also an excellent way to honor the memory of the deceased.

Placing Flowers

Flowers evoke beauty and sweetness. They are an excellent way to pay tribute to your loved one. Base your choice of bouquets or floral arrangements on the flowers that were meaningful to your loved one. You can also orient the choice towards the intention you wish to carry. The flowers by its color and its smell, give comfort and allow to say goodbye to the loved one in a dignified way.

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