How To Make the Right Choice of Funeral Items?

How To Make the Right Choice of Funeral Items?

Funeral items generally refer to all the accessories used to decorate and personalize a cinerary grave, a columbarium or other. Whether the grave is dedicated to a body or ashes, the plot will always consist of a few essential decorative elements, such as a closing plate or a watertight casket (often set in the ground). These ornaments also help to distinguish and beautify the site. Here are some funeral items you can choose from and the criteria to consider.

The Different Types of Funeral Articles

The installation of a funeral item on a grave is not a must. However, its installation brings a personalized touch and distinguishes a grave from many others. A funeral item also honors the memory of the deceased. Among the many funeral items, the most well-known are the plaque, the stele, the vase and the planter.

Funerary plaques

Plaques can be made of stone, marble, granite, or other materials. They can also be personalized with symbols, quotes, images, engravings or epitaphs.

Grave markers

Grave markers are sometimes placed vertically on the grave at the head of the plot. A grave marker can have several shapes. Moreover, it is possible to personalize this element with some essential information concerning the deceased. You can also engrave a text to pay tribute to the deceased. You can also add flowers, bronze motifs, a medallion, and even crucifixes.

The funeral planter

The planter is intended to receive fresh flowers. It is often placed or sealed on the funeral monument to keep the plants in the ground. The funeral planter also allows for the flowering of the last resting place of the deceased, especially when you can’t go to the cemetery frequently.

The funeral vase

It is customary and appreciated to put flowers on a grave to honor the memory of the deceased. A vase on the tomb can offer visitors a way to renew floral arrangements and bouquets. It gives the grave a touch of color and vibrancy.

The funeral vase is often made of a noble, very resistant material such as granite for durable outdoor use.

Decorative accessories

If the size of the grave lends itself to it, it is easy to complete the tomb decoration with candles, a porcelain medallion and decorative ceramics: tombstone, floral ceramics, heart, nun, crown, etc.

Criteria for Choosing Funeral Articles

There are some essential criteria to consider when choosing the right funeral items. First, select items that are resistant to sunlight and various weather conditions. This is essential since the items will be placed outdoors. Also, opt for a product that does not require regular maintenance. This detail should not be overlooked, especially if your home is far from the cemetery.

You should also consider the weight (choose heavy items, which are more resistant to gusts of wind), the price, the solidity, the waterproofing, and the material of manufacture of the funeral item.

Rules to respect

You must also take into account the rules imposed in the cemetery. To find out what these are, it is advisable to contact the town hall. In any case, here are some rules that you must respect:

  • Funerary items must never protrude beyond neighboring graves and aisles;
  • Inscriptions and epitaphs must be validated with the town hall;
  • A request must be made to the municipality to place steles and religious accessories.

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