Death At Home: The Schedule Of Procedures In France

Death At Home: The Schedule Of Procedures In France

Death is a painful event that occurs when you least expect it. It can happen in a hospital, in a public place, at work, or at home. Regardless of where it occurs, there are certain steps that the deceased’s loved ones must take as soon as possible. In the particular case of a death at home, the steps to be taken are very specific. Discover here all these steps.

1. The medical certificate


The medical certificate is a document issued by an accredited physician after confirmation of the death. It is therefore very important, even when the death occurs at home, to call upon a health specialist. You must do this even before the funeral home arrives. The doctor is the only one who can officially declare the death of an individual. When they verify and are satisfied with the death, they will issue you a medical certificate. This document is like a passport for all other procedures.

2. Declaration at the town hall

It is recommended that the declaration of death be made within 24 hours after the official statement of the doctor. This is the first essential step after obtaining the medical certificate. Indeed, one or more close relatives of the deceased must go to the town hall of the place of death to report the death of their loved one. If the death occurs on the weekend, the declaration will be made on the next working day.

The declarant must therefore go to the town hall with the medical certificate and their identification. After the declaration at the registry office, an authorized employee of the city hall will fill out the death certificate with the mayor’s signature. At this time, the registrar will provide the declarant or the immediate family with several copies of the death certificate. You must have as many copies as there are steps left.

3. Reading the will


This is a very important step because it relates to the last wishes of the deceased. In fact, the lawyer close to the deceased will read the will while pointing out the choice of the type of ceremony that the deceased approved. Some prefer cremation, while others prefer burial.

4. Organization of the funeral

As soon as the relatives are unanimous on the deceased’s last wishes, they can begin the organization of the funeral. The first thing to do is to choose a funeral company. The latter will take care of the complete organization of the funeral in close collaboration with the relatives of the deceased. Therefore, it is important to choose a funeral company that meets the quality-price ratio.

5. The wake and burial


The funeral director hired to organize the funeral will be responsible for planning the two ceremonies. First, the wake is organized in a place convenient enough for the deceased’s friends, colleagues, and family to gather to pay their last respects. The choice of the room is important because it must reflect the requirements of the family.

The room is fully decorated with colors specially chosen by the relatives. After the wake ceremonies, the burial protocol is put in place for departure to the cemetery or cremation site. There, the burial or cremation ceremony will occur according to the deceased’s will.

In conclusion, several steps must be taken when a death occurs at home. This ranges from the declaration of death by a certified physician to the wake and burial. It is highly recommended to use the services of a funeral director to organize the funeral.

Final thought

In short, after the death of a loved one, you are required to follow specific procedures to ensure that the ceremony takes place under the right conditions and without hindrance. Most of us are afraid to hear about the death of a closed or loved one, and hearing this is never a pleasant time. 

However, death is an integral part of life and the human experience and will happen to us. This is the only thing that is guaranteed in life. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about death.

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