Top Religions You Never Heard Of

Top Religions You Never Heard Of

Religion has been an important element for societies for ages. During the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilization, people were already worshiping Gods as the main part of their culture. Religion has held a strong power in the past and continues to do so in the present; it influences any part of life, be it political or societal. There is a list of religions that are considered more popular, but religions do not stop to these widespread ones; there is a panoply of other religions that you may not know about…

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism are among the most popular religions across the globe, and you might think that someone who is not part of these four dominant religions is considered an atheist, but actually, there are other religions they may believe in…

Let’s discover the top religions that may have never heard of…

Top Religions You Never Heard Of
Top Religions You Never Heard Of


Also known as the Nuwaubian movement, this religious movement was founded in 1967 in New York by Dwight York, also known as Malachi Z. The group name has been changed several times. It incorporates concepts from other religions too.

They were not considered though eccentric, but as time went by, they started to project hostility. The group did not have many adherents as the leader often changed religious ideas, and the followers became skeptical. Also, he lost nearly all followers when he was found guilty of child molestation and theft.


Pastafarianism is a mix of ‘pasta’ and ‘Rastafarianism’. The movement was created by Bobby Henderson in 2005 when he sent a letter to the Kansas Board of Education, which was debating the inclusion of intelligent design theories in high school classes on evolution. The letter was not taken seriously, so Henderson posted it on the internet, where it went viral, thus attracting adherents.

The God of the Pastafarianism is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and on the contrary of other religions, it has no hierarchy and requires no fund donation. The movement challenges many laws; for example, in 2011, a Pastafarian was allowed to wear a colander on his head for the driver’s license photo in Austria.

The movement is now accepted as a religion in different countries…

Church of Euthanasia

They were founded in 1992 by Chris Korda and Robert Kimberk. They firmly believe that everything happening to the earth, including the run out of natural resources, climate change, global warming, extinction of species, and others, is happening only because of overpopulation. The movement’s slogan is quite sick is ‘Save The Planet- Kill Yourself.

The core commandments of the movement are; suicide, abortion, sodomy, and cannibalism. The church even tries to set a suicide hotline to prevent people from committing suicide but to give them proper instructions.

The Bullet Baba’s Motorbike

Top Religions You Never Heard Of
Top Religions You Never Heard Of

Om Banna, also known as Shri Om Banna and Bullet Baba, is a deity worshipped in the Pali district of Jodhpur, India. This village is located on the Pali-Jodhpur highway, near Chotila village, 20 kilometers from Pali and 53 kilometers from Jodhpur. It is a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet RNJ 7773.

Hundreds of devotees go there every day to pray for a safe journey. If you want to read more about motorbike history, click here.

Presleyterian Church

Many churches worship The King, ‘The Church of Elvis’, ‘The Elvis Shrine’, ‘Little Shrine to the King’, and so on… The first Elvis church was founded in America. Most of the time, devotion is the remembrance of the singer.

There is even more religion on earth than you could ever think of, and it could be very interesting to go through all of them, but it will take some time. If you know any more religions you want to read, let us know in the comments…

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